September 2015 – Tour de France lives on in Oughtibridge

Fourteen months after the Tour raced out of Yorkshire and back into France, there is no shortage of Tour legacies across the county. There’s ever more cyclists out there, hopefully a few more bellringers and loads of bunting and yellow bikes.

Here is a selection of photos I took last weekend on my way back from Barnsley to Sheffield via the Cote d’Oughtibridge and Worrall.

Now just wait for my book. You’ll love the photos in there!


Ripe blackberries grow through yellow bike above Grenoside.20150902_154805

A tough climb, packed with fans last July.


Bunting makes a shopfront




Wherever I go, Le Tour goes


Bike wheel sculpture in Worrall


This way to the Cote d’Oughtibridge

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