Triple Tower Tour inc. Towednack

Thank you to the bands at Phillack, Towednack and Gulval for welcoming me to join them for Sunday service ringing at the start of our half term holiday in St Ives, Cornwall. With ringing at 8.45, 9.45 and 10.30 you can ring the full half hour at each church and still be back in St Ives with an hour to spare for browsing the Cornish pasties before lunch. When they popped a bottle of white wine on the stairs up to the belfry at Phillack I wondered for a moment what the plan was, but it turns out the stairs are the “wine chiller” ready for practice night. Towednack looked to have had red at their last practice 🙂 A touch of grandsire was very nice at Gulval and the colours of the camelias in the churchyard were breathtaking. Thank you. I had a fabulous morning ringing with you all.

Discs in Echelon, 1935

Potentially the earliest known prediction of Le Tour de France coming to Yorkshire was by Barbara Hepworth with Discs in Echelon, 1935. Their duality and separation evoking both the beauty of the bicycle yet the ferocity of the crosswind, in an organic and fluid form @Tate_StIves

Long Line and Lost Sheep

It’s all in the name. “Long Line” is a long road. It’s in a line. And it’s a climb. Perfect. And tonight it had some lost sheep on it, but we rescued them. Anyway, here’s the road.


It’s between Dore and Ringinglow if you want to try it out #sheffield #cycling