Bike Bell Orchestra – World Record 9 August

Join the Bike Bell Orchestra on 9 August at the launch of the Prudential London Ride. Its their Guinness World Record attempt at the largest bike bell orchestra. Fabulous idea.  Do join them and make it happen. More info via:

The call is out to recruit 600 cyclists to join the Prudential RideLondon Bike Bell Orchestra in Guildhall Yard to play a special arrangement of Westminster Chimes.

The existing record was set with 503 participants in Germany in 2003.

“This is a wonderful way to start the day,” said Event Director Hugh Brasher. “After Big Ben chimes 9.00 on Saturday 9 August, our orchestra of 600+ bike bells will play the Westminster Chimes to officially open this year’s Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle. London will never have heard anything like it before.”

The bike bell orchestra will be conducted by Dominic Wheeler, who has conducted many orchestras and operas during his distinguished career but this is his first time working with bike bells.

Participants can register now for the event and to join the Prudential RideLondon Bike Bell Orchestra at  It’s free and all registrants will receive a tabard and magazine plus a goody bag at the Prudential RideLondon Cycling Show.

Participants in the Guinness World Record attempt must arrive in Guildhall Yard by 0800 on Saturday 9 August for rehearsal. Bike bells will be provided.

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