Towers on Tour

And here are our churches featuring in the Opening Ceremony.

Cawthorne, South Yorkshire. Near Barnsley


102 Cawthorne

Ossett, West Yorkshire. Near Wakefield.


100 Ossett

Chapel Allerton, in north Leeds, 200m from Stage 1 race route

02 Chapel Allerton

And Masham in the Dales.  Big parties planned here for Stage 1 🙂

16 Masham

There will also be ringing from towers all over Yorkshire.  And you are welcome to join us from wherever you are with a bike bell or handbell or even an app (google it and you’ll soon find a bell app for your phone).

Here’s just a few other great Tour towers…

Holmbridge 3 From cricket pitch 17 West Tanfield Calendar 01 Church and van Skipton LeTourJersey01 DMFest - Dewsbury Tower and Spots

York Minster
York Minster
Sheffield Cathedrals
Sheffield Cathedrals

Otley 1 Daffodils and Polka Dots Otley 3 the new band



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