Towers in France – Gallery

Change ringing is largely unique to the UK and to a very small number of other churches in places like Australia and the USA. It depends on having bells hung on wheels which can be rung full circle and rested mouth upwards. For most of the rest of the world bells hang down and swing or are chimed in static positions. Nevertheless there is a rich vein of bells in the cycling countries of Europe.  France has a most beautiful and diverse range of towers all along the various routes Le Tour has taken.  Here are just a few images from the 2013 Tour.

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There are lots of references to bells all along the race routes of the big cycle races. More to follow here. But for now just a taster from the wonderfully named Belleville, the finishing point for Stage 4 of the 2014 Paris Nice race.   Belleville is a typically beautiful French town, rich with the heritage of Beaujolais and blessed with the mighty fine church of Notre Dame de Belleville.

The splendid website below gives history and images of this wonderful church, including organ music from the church.

Further information can also be obtained via and and



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