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TdY 2018 Blog – Stage 4 – Watching on Twitter

After 3 intense days mainly ringing bells and latterly cheering roadside, today was the day of reckoning. A reckoning with the shopping list, lawnmower and making a Roman shield. Far away under the blue skies of West Yorkshire Greg Van Avaermart won the Tour de Yorkshire. Having not been there to take any photos I shall instead share some roadside highlights from earlier in the week. Penistone St Johns church with handprinted cascades sown together by @PrettyThings, Silkstone church, Wentworth Paradise Square and a party I gatecrashed in Hoylandswaine. See you in 2019.

DSCN4231DSCN4247DSCN4259Hoylandswaine 07Silkstone 01


TdY 2018 Blog – Stage 3 – Richmond to Scarborough

……… Richmond. Riders. Hooters.

Stage 3 was a family outing to Richmond. Knowing that the locals had a full band of ringers for the race, I siezed my first ever chance in five years see the riders set off. Armed with a bike bell and a horn, much could be achieved. The old church tower, with its blue and yellow jerseys, dominated the market place. With the vivid reds and greens of the sponsors hoardings it was a vibrant setting for a big day. “Bonjour Christian. Magnifique. Encore un fois!” I called again as the Tour de France director took in the scene. Later, with the riders gone, we marvelled at the community decorations in Bellerby, Patrick Brompton and Crakehall.



TdY 2018 Blog – Stage 2 – Barnsley to Ilkley

……… Barnsley. Bells. R2D2.

Today’s priority was ringing Barnsley St Mary’s bells for the womens race at 9am and the mens race at 2.20pm. With 5 ringers, we did call changes and struck the change 1 4 2 3 5 Pop Goes The Weasel as the helicopter roared over. Barnsley Museum had just started its Star Wars exhibition and so my second priority was polka dots versus light sabres. My wildest dreams were met when Luke Skywalker read my book to R2D2.

Click below to hear us ringing for the race. Film on Facebook via The Property Shop Barnsley.

DSCN4133DSCN4137DSCN4171DSCN4176DSCN4188Star Wars 01Star Wars 02

TdY 2018 Blog – Stage 1 – Beverley to Doncaster

……… Beverley. Bells. Voeckler.

Yes, for me this day was about ringing the bells of Beverley St Mary’s. At the opposite end of a vibrant Tour marketplace the Minster bells also rang out. I asked Sir Gary and Christian Prudhomme where Thomas Voeckler was. La bas somewhere they indicated. Found him “Oi, Thomas j’ai ecrit un livre au sujet du Tour. Je voudrais le vous donner!” Voila. Selfies. Sorted. 2016 race champion. Now he has my book on his shelf. Back of the net!


TdY 2015 to 2017 Blog Highlights

Looking forward to the new 4 day race. More days = more churches = more bells.

TdY 2018 Churches and Maps pdf

Click the pdf link above for the race maps and church maps, with hyperlinks to each church website. Also to The Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers. Scroll down for photos 🙂

For more information about the Tour de Yorkshire visit


Beverley St Mary’s. TdY 2016. Stage start.

Calendar 01 Church and van

Penistone St John’s. TdF 2014. Press release re the Tour Opening Ceremony.


Penistone St John’s. TdY 2017. On a tough final stage.

Ch 38 Le Tour passes Blubberhouses church

Blubberhouses. TdF 2014. The peloton of Le Tour de France


Northallerton. TdY 2016. Barbecue in the churchyard waiting for the race.


Otley. TdY 2016. Church walls make a great stadium.