Calling All Bellringers

Dear bellringers

Please don’t worry that you can’t ring because you want to watch the cyclists.  There’s hours of standing around before they arrive.  Plenty of time to fit some ringing in.

And please don’t think it’s all about race day.  There’s the whole 100 days of The Yorkshire Festival to ring in:

  •        Dedicate your quarters or your peals to the Yorkshire Festival or Le Tour
  •        Do a special performance (especially peals or quarter peals of Yorkshire)
  •        Have an open day. Let people come and try
  •        Invite the local paper or radio up


Here’s what some folk have already done.  As you can see, its not just about race day.  Come on. Have a go. Let non ringers have a go.  Tell us your story.

Latest radio coverage –

Mytholmroyd tower open day and ringing for The Grand Departs piano pull

BBC Songs of Praise

#bepartof it

Cheers, Rod

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