La Vuelta in Denby Dale

This is not an official announcement or a leak. However, if and when La Vuelta a Espana comes to Yorkshire, this is what it could like (plus bikes and knitted bunting).

Here we see the world record breaking 2000 Denby Dale Pie on the back of a massive articulated lorry, being followed by a crowd of thousands and “The Sheffield Giants”. The Giants are typical of Spanish festivals.

TdY Stage 4 Hills and when to take a pint

Stage 4, The Yorkshire Terrier, is a roller coaster of a ride, starting with a beast out of Halifax. A beast by my standards, but not even registering on the richter scale of hills for pro riders. What a pleasure to meet Andrew Sykes today, three time author of Cycling Europe books. Nice pint later on after ringing for the race. Tough push up Oxenhope Moor though! Click the pic for the full story